Texas Initiative Programs, Inc. Services

TIPS Inc. offers a wide array of services in the areas of behavioral health through educational services in order to help at-risk youth acquire or develop the needed skills necessary to positively become apart of their community and society as a whole


Behavioral Health Services

TIPS Inc. specializes in behavioral therapy methods and services to provide clients and families with tools, methods, and strategies to use and implement in order to cope with the defined challenges of behavioral health related circumstances.

Educational Services

TIPS has the goal to provide personalized, evidence-based educational services for at-risk youth and non-traditional learners in collaboration with families and public school districts. 

Youth Mentor Services

TIPS Inc. assists young individuals, groups or communities to restore or enhance their capacity for social functioning through youth mentor services. Our approach to care is oriented toward problem-solving and promoting positive social change within the youth demographic of the communities we serve.   

Respite Care Provider

More information for TIPS-INC. respite care services coming soon!