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About Texas Initiative Programs, Inc.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, The K16 Ready Society’s, Inc. - Texas Initiative Programs, Inc. exists as a non-profit community-based program developed to offer proactive and reactive support and mentorship to meet the needs of families of children classified as at-risk youth in Texas area communities.  

Our Mission

Texas Initiative Programs, Inc (TIPS Inc.) is focused on providing high-quality programs and services - we will do everything we can to meet the expectations of all we serve.    

Texas Initiative Programs, Inc. is a multi-faceted community agency whose mission is to facilitate social change and enhance public safety through leadership, research, education, supervision and services, utilizing best and evidence-based practices.


Why Us?

In understanding initiative, it is the ability or the opportunity to act or take charge before others do; an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something. These definitions can best be applied and utilized by today’s youth. Our youth need all the help and care that we can provide them, which in turn will provide these same youths with the proper “initiative” to want to do well in today’s world.